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HealthBent Radio is sponsored and led by Health Connections, the graduate student organization for Health Communication majors at Emerson College. Started in 2010 by co-hosts Christopher Del Grosso and Susan Vitulli, the show expanded in 2011 with a set of rotating co-hosts including Katy Capers, Emily Heckman, Anna Shum, and Jocelyn Sterling. HealthBent Radio is a place for open conversation and dialogue about varioushealth topics, myths, humor, factoids and activities that are relevant to Emerson College students as a whole. It is an exploratory platform where leaders in the field come to discuss and debate.

Join the discussion by emailing us at or on Twitter @healthbentradio or call in live during the show at 617-824-8100.

Records live every Thursday from 6:00-7:00 pm EST.

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